Training Clinics & Lessons 

Mind & Body Horsemanship

Mind & Body Horsemanship coaching for you and horse - whether you trail ride or show. It's about learning how to use your body for proper horsemanship as well as your mind to become a more confident and connected rider. Your horse will appreciate it. 


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Cross Training/Western Dressage

Women and Horses Mind, Spirit & Body Confidence Building 

Cross Training is using dressage training methods to train or improve your horse as well as your riding skills. No matter what type of riding you do, there is always a place for dressage training. Using dressage training techniques can help your horse become more relaxed, obedient, athletic and fun to ride. It can also help him have a longer more useful life. It will help you develop a happy well trained horse no matter what discipline you chose to ride or whether you trail ride or show your horse.

Crossing Training increases your communication with your horse and establishes a foundation with which a horse can excel in any discipline. It will help the rider to develop non-verbal language with their horse as well as invisible signals. You will find your horse will be a pleasure to ride.

Women and Horses Mind, Spirit & Body confidence building clinics provide women with a comfortable, friendly environment to discuss the problems and fears they are having with their horses. Since that first clinic the program has expanded to include assisting women with reaching their goals with their horses - whether in the show ring or on the trail.


Whether it's a clinic, private instruction or any other type of training clinic we use the same three phase training method - Mind, Spirit & Body - to help riders improve their riding skills. Improving your riding skills will assist you in connecting with horse, build your confidence as a rider and help you and your horse be the best you can be together.